Professional Mineral Photography

Mineral specimens are some of the most beautiful things found in nature. They are formed in some of the most extreme environments. We search for them in some  of the harshest places on the planet. Each one is unique, and each one is breathtakingly beautiful in it's own way.

The challenge in photography is capturing that bold and intricate beauty the way our eyes see it. Each line and prism, every color, every shadow and angle of light plays a part in the aesthetics of the specimen.

Our unique process captures your specimen as it is…a masterpiece.

Sales Display

Selling a specimen? Advertise your piece in all its natural beauty. Let your potential buyer see it for the masterpiece it is.


Any publication needs quality photos. Capture the natural beauty of your  specimens and take your publication to the next level.


Do you have a specimen, but you're not sure what to do with it? Contact me for personalized consulting.