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In this regular feature, we will display an elite specimen and discuss its merits as a masterpiece. We firmly believe that a masterpiece can cost $100 or $1,000,000 and transcends categories such as size.

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Ruby on Calcite Mogok Burma cabinet specimen

Ruby on Calcite
Mogok, Mandalay Division, Burma (Myanmar)
8.5 cm


Glowing with color, an unusually sharp-edged, pigeon-blood red ruby crystal (4 cm) perches on a calcite matrix. The crystal shows both high luster and translucency and is complete all around. Known as the "King of Gems," rubies are much rarer than is commonly appreciated. For millenia, these gems have adorned royalty and inspired wonder for their red "glow" caused by subtle fluorescence in daylight. The finest rubies are known to come from Mogok, Burma. Surpassed in price by a small number of colored diamonds and the finest imperial jadeite, rubies command the highest per carat price among gems.

–Key Attributes: Color, Crystal Size & Form

Thomas Spann photo


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