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In this regular feature, we will display an elite specimen and discuss its merits as a masterpiece. We firmly believe that a masterpiece can cost $100 or $1,000,000 and transcends categories such as size.

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Benitoite Gemstone Rough and Cut

Benitoite with Gemstone (3.57 ct.)
Dallas Gem Mine, San Benito Co., California
2.3 x 2.4 x 1.5 cm

- Irv Brown Collection

This large, lustrous and transparent benitoite crystal of surprising thickness (0.9 cm) is among the finest of the gem crystals recovered from this famous deposit. On the top left of the specimen is a thin, terminated crystal. Accompanying the specimen in beautiful synergy is a 3.57 ct. eye-clean gemstone of surpassing loveliness. Benitoite is the state gemstone of California and is renowned among gem connoisseur's for its high dispersion (fire).

–Key Attributes: Transparency, Crystal Size
–Pictured in Gems & Gemology

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